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Food & Feed

Nowadays, the popularity of foods depends mainly on their sensory characteristics. The incentive for companies to provide food that possesses pleasant flavour properties as well as good nutritional qualities is increasing. aromaLAB is your partner of choice concerning all issues in the field of flavour such as off flavours, influence of raw materials and production, shelf-life studies and many more. Contact us and benefit from our comprehensive expertise in the flavour area to ensure the quality and competitiveness of your product.


Tobacco & Consumer Goods

The quality of tobacco or consumer goods depends largely on the complex spectrum of volatile, odour-active compounds generally known as flavour. What applies for food and feed applies for tobacco and consumer goods, too: aromaLAB supports you in all flavour-related fields of quality assurance to help you fulfill the requirements of the market


Synthesis – Our Online Shop

SENSOMICS requires an excellent source of labelled standards as part of its concept. aromaLAB is the world’s leading supplier for labelled (2H, 13C and 15N) and rare unlabelled aroma standards. A link to our webshop containing our current portfolio can be made by clicking on the picture above. With over 30 years experience in synthetic field we also provide other services e.g. synthesis, optimisation, evaluation, consultation and helping with outsourcing. If you have any questions then please contact us via our new website.


Welcome to aromaLAB – the leading Lab
for flavour analysis

aromaLAB is your competent contact for flavour-specific subjects from the first consultation to the precise provision of services.

By applying established methods of flavour analysis and especially by combining instrumental and sensory methods, we are able to answer even the most challenging questions concerning the flavour of foods, tobacco products and consumer goods.

Additionally, aromaLAB offers a wide range of labelled (2H and 13C) and unlabelled reference compounds.

As the first food-chemical research lab of its kind, aromaLAB operates on the basis of the internationally recognized flavour value concept and deals exclusively with questions involving flavour analysis. We offer our clients excellent service from the first consultation to the tailor-made analytical solution.

To tackle even the most ambitious analytical problems, we take advantage of our long years of experience, our specialized training and our versatile analytical equipment.

Our goal is to provide our clients with prompt, convenient and individual solutions for any issue in the area of flavour.

Our techniques and enormous knowledge and expertise related to flavour compounds can help you for example in the following areas:

  • Support in product development with the main focus on flavour optimization
  • Identification of off-flavours and associated sensory quality issues
  • Characterization of aroma compounds, also possible as comparative analysis of several samples
  • Influence of different process parameters or different ingredients on the flavour of your final product
  • Realisation of shelf-life studies related to the flavour of your product
  • Synthesis of aroma compounds which are not commercially available
  • Synthesis of isotopically labeled standards

For other flavour related needs or wishes, please enquire and together with aromaLAB, the best solution will be achieved. You can discuss your flavour related business objectives with us and together, we will develop the most appropriate strategy and define steps to achieve your goals. Benefit from our comprehensive flavour experience from aroma analysis to sensory evaluation.


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Medical Device Testing Lab of the Tentamus Group extends services

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Tentamus at BioFach 2018

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In vitro Sensitisation / Hypersensitisation

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QSI receives GMP approval

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