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The synthesis lab at aromaLAB GmbH is now DIN EN ISO 9001 accredited

  aromaLAB GmbH is proud to announce that aromaLAB’s synthesis department achieved a successful certification of DIN EN ISO 9001 for the development and production of unlabelled and isotopically labelled standards. These aroma standards are used for research and analytical purposes by well-known international food companies, breweries and universities. The ISO 9001 certification was a
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aromaLAB online shop – SALE

  After the incredibly hard past 18 months where both workers and the economy struggled, we hope that this finds you all well and safe.  We have one important question: Have you checked out our online shop before or recently ( We are constantly updating the shop and have a variety of new products on
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Coffee kit for sensory training now available

The popularity of coffee – beverage and natural stimulant all in one – is not only due to its capability to keep us awake and productive during a long day. Equally important for its triumphant success around the world is its characteristic, rich flavour, which is one of its most important quality features.   Consequently,
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AromaLAB to present a poster “Characterisation of aroma-active compounds in commercially available coconut water“ at 12th Wartburg Symposium

Coconut water (coconut liquid endosperm) has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its low-calorie, low-sugar content and its isotonic properties. It is extracted from the green, unripe fruits of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera L.).  Although there is a wide range of commercially available products with different sensory attributes, up to now, current
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