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Our consulting and training services help companies focus on their core line of business.

Training & Seminars

We offer our clients sensory trainings with ready-made solutions of aroma compounds adapted to the specific needs of your company and to the sensory qualities of your product. Our flavour specialists have years of experience with the sensory evaluation of various foods, beverages, tobacco products and consumer goods. From over 600 aroma compounds we have in stock, we can choose the ones which best represent the key odour notes or off-flavours of your product.


Whenever you are challenged with a problem which is flavour-related, contact us first. Problems or topics which often occur in the field of flavour are:

  • Off-flavours, mostly their origin, and how they can be avoided.
  • Changes in the flavour composition of products during shelf-life
  • Determination of “key aroma compounds” in a product
  • Influence of raw materials and production process on the final product
  • Flavour recombination’s imitating the flavour of a product which has been determined as outstandingly good and desirable

Whether you approach us in terms of one of the topics listed above or with something completely new or different – as long as it belongs in the field of flavour, we will work together with our clients to find a satisfactory solution. Use our experience and get solution-oriented services which are characterised by short response times, customer focus, and economic feasibility.

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