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Our History

aromaLAB GmbH was established in 2006 as an independent corporation having its roots in the food chemistry department of the Technical University of Munich. Particular areas of analysis and testing methods are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 since 2013.  In September 2016, we became a member of the Tentamus family.


The company has grown with the requirements of our vast international client portfolio, building up a team of experts in the fields of flavour analysis. Over the last decade, our employees have taken the opportunity to further develope their skills via internal and external trainings.  The teams competence has enabled us to tailor the particular individual needs of our clients.


Our mission

To improve our customers´ performance by supporting them in all questions related to the field of flavour. To this aim, we use all our experience, knowledge and passion.

Tel +49 89 41325355-101


Dr. Monika Christlbauer

CEO, aromaLAB GmbH


After her education as Chemistry technician, Dr. Christlbauer studied food chemistry at the Technical University of Munich and received her PhD at the Chair for Food Chemistry.

Before joining aromaLAB, Dr. Christlbauer worked for many years very successfully as Senior Flavor Chemist and Project Manager for an international leading FMCG company in R&D and Operations in Switzerland.

Dr. Stefan Holzmayr – COO

Tel +49 89 41325355-102

Dr. Christina Schmid

Tel +49 89 41325355-204

Dr. Veronika Greger

Tel +49 89 41325355-201

Dr. Johanna Grimm

Tel +49 89 41325355-202

Dr. Daniel Langos

Tel +49 89 41325355-205

Olivia Sumser

Tel +49 89 41325355-601

Stephanie Thielecke

Tel +49 89 41325355-401

Marlies Aufinger

Tel +49 89 41325355-601

Adrijana Krasnić

Tel +49 89 41325355-203

Vajiheh Faraghat

Tel +49 89 41325355-203

Dr. Laura Berbel Miñano

Tel +49 89 41325355-401

Saad Siddique

Tel +49 89 41325355-203

Dennis Freer

Tel +49 89 41325355-401

Dr. Michael Cappi

Tel +49 89 41325355-401

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